Illustrating the beauty around me.

I'm Mallory Gorman, Im a New Brunswicker living and creating art in Williamswood, Nova Scotia.

After a several year hiatus to do a few university degrees and become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, I came back to art.  I created a set of alphabet flash cards with my son to prepare him for pre-primary I realized I needed to make more time to create.

Working in the mental health hospital during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic really made it clear that I had compassion fatigue working in that environment and needed to find a more sustainable income for my family and marriage. 

Here I am, all in, with confidence that this is the right place to be, making art everyday, most evenings and weekends. I still have time for my family and am a much happier wife :)  

I so look forward to creating more and working with you to bring some art joy into your life.